Valentine’s Day at the Teahouse

Join us at the Teahouse for a Romantic and Exotic
4-Course, Prix Fixe Dinner

$55 per guest.  Reservations 303-442-4993

The Menu

First Course

(Choice Of):

Oyster Trio
harissa, mignonette, horseradish, sabayon

Tibetan Steamed Momos
cabbage, carrot, mushroom, tamari, puehr-sesame dipping sauce


Second Course

(Choice Of):

Swedish yellow pea soup, bacon, thyme

Salad de Lyonnaise
frisee, arugula, poached egg, bacon lardon, goat cheese


Third Course

(Choice Of):

Japanese Don Bowl
tataki marinated grilled strip steak, green tea rice, carrots, snap peas, ponzu

Lapsang Agrodolce Cornish Hen
roasted purple potatoes, broccolini, kalamata olives, cornichon, pignoli nuts

Cazuela de Mariscos
seafood stew, clams, swordfish, shrimp, coconut, crusty bread

Columbian Arepa
avocado chimmichuri, wild mushroom, black bean puree, guajillo reduction


Fourth Course

(Choice Of):

Aish el Saraya
rosewater, pistachio, cream

Schwarzwald Kirsch Kuchen
chocolate, cherries