First Bite 2017

Join us at the Teahouse for the 2017 First Bite!

Our 2017 Menu:

Teahouse First Bite 2017

First course

Pork Belly Bao.
Lapsang souchong sweet-n-sour

Poblano Asadero Empanada
Red pepper coulis


Second Course

Portuguese Pork Chop
Oporto mustard cream, patatas bravas, caramelized figs, garlic greens

Dolmeh y kalam
Potatoes, lentils, fresh herbs, Nappa dolmeh, saffron golden tomato coulis, jeweled rice, toasted pistachios, fried beet shoestrings

Japanese Mirin Salmon
Fragrant jasmine rice, spicy wakame, sesame roasted broccoli


Third course

Chocolate Manjar Crepe
Toasted hazelnuts, bruleed banana, cream

Moroccan custard, spiced almond and honey