Dim Sum & Oolong Afternoon Tea


Join us for our unique Dim Sum & Oolong Afternoon Tea Service.
Our world class oolongs will be served along with a sampling of delicious,
tea-infused traditional dim sum delicacies.

Seating and dates are limited, so reserve early by calling us at 303-442-4993


Dates Are:

March 10 & 11

April 28 & April 29th;

May 19 & 20

June 23 & 24

July 29 (SUNDAY ONLY) for Rocky Mountain Tea Festival

August 25 & 26

September 29 & 30

October 27 & 28

November 17 & 18

December 29 & 30

Reservations being made between 3 pm and 4 pm.
$25 per guest.


Sample Dim Sum Menu – Menu subject to change

Oolong Tea Served

1st Course

miso green tea soup, tofu, ginger, zucchini noodle

chilled Oriental Beauty udon noodle salad, wakame, carrot, Napa cabbage, snow crab claw


2nd Course

pork belly steam bun, Red Dragon Keemun glaze, sesame seed, green onion

tamago filled scallion pancake, Huckleberry Lime balsamic mushrooms

Lapsang Souchong sweet chili-ginger chicken wings

Mandarin puerh duck confit, water chestnut, apricot, pot sticker


3rd Course

sweet oden, kiwi, sweet potato, marshmallow, sweet spiced Oolong broth

Jade Spring forbidden black rice pudding, coconut, plantain

Boulder Tangerine steam cake