Saturday & Sunday 8am – 3pm

**all egg dishes can substitute tofu


American Breakfast   9
bacon, sausage, cheese eggs, potatoes, house made pop tart

Lapsang Souchong Benedict   11
poached eggs, Lapsang Souchong tea sausage, English muffin, hollandaise, potatoes

Pork Belly Fried Rice   11
Vietnamese caramel, carrot, onion, peas, scallion, fried egg  GF

Greek Scramble   9.5
eggs with spinach, tomato, olives, feta, potatoes & a biscuit

Kookoo Sabzi   9.5
Persian herb omelette, baba ghanoush, crispy saffron rice, walnuts, house made naan

Homemade Granola   8
dried fruit, assorted nuts, served with yogurt & fresh fruit

Two Eggs with Potatoes & a Biscuit   7
add ham, bacon or sausage links   9

Whole Wheat Chai Pancakes   8
add eggs & ham, bacon or sausage links   11

Buttermilk Pancakes   8
add eggs & ham, bacon or sausage links   11

French Omelette   10
ham, mushrooms, Gruyere, chives, potatoes & a biscuit

Breakfast Banh Mi Sandwich   9.5
pork belly, eggs, cucumber, cilantro, pickled daikon & carrot, chili aioli

Honduran Beleada   10
tortilla, refried black beans, eggs, cheese, plantain, avocado, crema, Aji red sauce

Indian Dosa   10
Indian crepe, curried scrambled eggs, spinach, potato, onion, mango lassi, apricot-cherry chutney

Italian Bucatini All'Amatriciana   14
bucatini pasta, guanciale, pecorino Romano, tomato, brocolini

Persian Chickpea Kufteh   11
chickpea croquettes with herbs & spices, Persian tomato sauce, sautéed greens, pomegranate reduction, sunny egg

Spicy Indonesian Peanut Noodles   Tofu   11    Chicken   12
rice noodles, carrots, broccoli, cabbage, bean sprouts, peppers, spicy peanut sauce

Cuban Sandwich   12
Lapsang tea rubbed pork, Gruyere cheese, house made pickles, Dijon aioli, pressed Cuban roll, plantain ketchup, French fries

German Grilled Bratwurst   12
herb spaetzle, braised purple cabbage, grain mustard

Korean Pan Fried Noodles  Chicken or Tofu  12    Pork Belly  13
red onion, carrots, Fresno peppers, scallion, water chestnuts, bok choy, bean sprouts

Side Orders

Sausage Link 3 Scone 2.75
Bacon 3 One Pancake 2
Ham 3 Real Maple Syrup 2.5
Potatoes 2 Dolmas (2) 1
Fruit 3 Hummus 2.5
One Egg 1.5 Pop Tart 3
Housemade Naan 2 Biscuit 1